Von Damonator Finally Chalks Up a Win at Dirty Franks!

2014 has not been kind to Von Damonator as far as RPS goes.  He had not made it past the first round all year and many observers were starting to wonder if he’d lost his magic.  But all he needed was to make it past round number one to rediscover the swagger of years past.  Once he made it to round two it was smooth sailing until he met up with so far in 2014 total point leader Papel Higienico.  Twice at the end of the Championship match Papel Higienico had Von Damonator down in what would have been the final match had she won another throw and twice Von Damonator came back to win two throws and the match, the last in the fifth and deciding set after a series of ties with it tied up 1-1.  It was exciting and Von Damonator won!  And then, as usual, all the ladies at Dirty Franks were drawn like a magnet to the night’s RPS champ (see picture at left).

Von Damonator has accomplished a lot since May 23rd, 2007 when the PBRPRPSCLCS first stepped in to Dirty Franks (back when Hand Turkey wasn’t working the door on Tuesdays and people said stuff like “block that rock”).  But one thing he had not done was take home a tournament at his home bar (at which he was named Customer of the Year in 2013 and coach of the Dirty Dozen up until this season) although he has prevailed at other venues.  So after roughly 68 tournaments (of which Von Damonator may have missed somewhere between 3 to 6) Von Damonator has finally won a championship that was a long time coming at Dirty Franks and may or may not of said “now I can finally be done with all this RPS business”.  At least that’s what I imagine him saying.

Street RPS wasn’t all that close and Snoop dOGulas came out on top.  He turned in $120 and the runner-ups were split at $75 and $60.  Luckily for dOGulas, they didn’t play stack for stack at the end (as some say you almost always should) or else he wouldn’t have taken home the win and those sweet extra two points.

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