Crazy Cat Lady Increases Rookie Lead With Win At Raven Lounge!

It was a packed house at Raven Lounge on Wednesday night and the competitors seemed more excited than ever to play some rock paper scissors. We had a few international players from Ireland in attendance and boy did they make a splash on the RPS scene. When first time player, Mad Irish, came up to play he energy was so infectious that the audience couldn’t help but cheer for her, making more noise then we’ve ever heard before. Unfortunately for the competitors from Ireland, none would make it past the second round and the tournament would be left in the hands of more seasoned players.

When we started the fifth week of competition all of the season awards were locked in some pretty close races, but now it seems that some of that may be changing. After falling behind in Team Point last week, My Team Wins has been having a pretty good week with overall points. Big Booty Judy would find herself in the championship game at Raven Lounge on Wednesday, giving MTW another solid chance to take back the number one spot. Her opponent in the final match would be Crazy Cat Lady, who had just taken over the top spot for Rookie of the Year from Millhouse in week four and was looking to score a big win to help pad her lead.

Crazy Cat Lady quickly took the advantage in the championship game by winning the first two matches. In match three Big Booty Judy stood her ground and pulled off a win, but just when it looked like she was going to stage a comeback CCL managed to take the fourth match and end the game and winning it 3 to 1. This is the second tournament win for Crazy Cat Lady and just one day after Paper Tiger won his own second tournament she joined him and Millpool in the double winners club.

Speaking of winning things twice, Burke dominated the Street RPS scene for the second time this week. Before Monday, Burke had never won a Street Tournament, having been the second highest stack on a few occasions, but never given the chance to play for it. Although he didn’t turn in another unfathomable stack of money like the 284 from Monday, but he did manage to edge out a win over Papel Higienico by a total of 150 to 80.With a new found confidence in his Street RPS game, it is expected that we will see a lot more of this from Burke this season.

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