David Bowies Package Holds Out For A Zero At Murphs Bar!

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where’s the Street RPS-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds? These were just some of the questions being asked by members of David Bowies Package on Monday night at Murphs Bar. After reviving one of the games oldest teams, they hadn’t seen any of their members win a tournament this season. You could try to count dOGulas’s week one victory at Raven Lounge, but that was before he came back to DBW and was still playing under the banner of Rockturnal Emissions. When asked about the chances that DBW would take home a tournament victory Zombie Llama replied, “We are going to need a white knight upon a fiery steed.”

The answer to all of their questions came in the form of a mighty Zero. He was unstoppable through the early rounds of the tournament. In the final four, Zero seem to be both strong and fast with his primes and by the time he came up to the table for the championship match, he certainly looked fresh from the fight. It was here that he faced off against Silly Putty, who is no easy match for any player. It might have been something in the air or simply the taste of that sweet and delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon, but Zero was so sure in his throws that he seemed larger than life. In a thrilling game that went all five matches, Zero defeated Silly Putty by a score of 3-2. Sometime after midnight at Murphs Bar, the wildest dreams of David Bowies Package came true. Zero had risen about the heat this spring night, he raced on thunder to bring them that which once appeared beyond their reach, and swept the crowd off their feet in the process.

When Kingpin’s very own street dollars first when into circulation two week ago, he lost his chance to win the street RPS prize. Instead, he allowed Paper Tiger to win it all and take a truly spectacular photograph. This time around, he promised to bring home the the Street RPS title and came through in a big way. He beat the next largest stack by a score of 130 to 60, and refused to chance to play for the total. This turned out to be a smart move for Kingpin, who turned in a pretty solid photo himself. Is that a chicken?

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