dOGulas Warrior Shakes Things Up In Week One At Raven Lounge

We headed back to Raven Lounge for the first time this season and it sure felt good to be back. Players were in for a treat as we introduced a new regulation table, designed specifically to prevent injuries to any of our competitors. There were a number of memorable matches played last night, with many of them coming down to the final throw. Rookie players continued to show real promise, knocking out many veterans in the first two round, and making it as far as the final four.

The final match of the night would end up being two more season competitors, with dOGulas Warrior squaring off against Melissaurus Rex. Melissaurus Rex was still riding high after her upset victory of B-Pac in the final four, but dOGulas Warrior had been on a hot streak all night and wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In true Warrior fashion, dOGulas shook the table, snorted, and growled his way through an impressive win over his opponent. He didn’t take too much time in celebrating his championship win before starting to call out all the players he had eliminated in a rant that no one could truly make sense of. While we still haven’t deciphered the message, we assume it was profound.

Street RPS was everywhere on Wednesday night, with games being playing wherever you looked and some serious gambling happening on the table. The season trend continued as players turned in a number of smaller stacks, seeming more interested on maintaining a solid season total rather than turning in a mega stack to win the night. Neither of the two top Street players on the night would play for their respective stacks and that would lead to Silly Putty taking home the extra 2 points by defeating The Chicken Thief by a score of 110 to 65. We would say that she wasn’t able to contain her smile, but that’s exactly what she did when having her winning photo taken.

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