Legend Of Millpool Grows With Third Win At Murphs Bar This Season!

It’s been a few weeks since we heard the name Millpool around the RPS watercooler. He won back to back weeks at Murphs to start the season, but had not reached a championship game in the six other tournaments he has played since. People where beginning to call his early season victories a fluke, while others thought he was burnt out and that they had figured out his strategy. Well on Monday he night he seems to show up well rested after the Memorial Day break the previous week, and if the other competitors thought they had figured him out, they were dead wrong.

Millpool saw some close games on his way through the rounds, including one where he came from been a throw away from elimination to win and advance. He made his way into the championship game where he faced off against Papel Higienico, who was making her second championship game appearance in 2015. In the end, even the 2014 PBRPRPSCLCS Champ was unable to stop Millpool in his path to glory, being defeated by him in a landslide, 3 matches to 0, game. For anyone who has any doubt about Millpool’s raw talent, this should settle it. So far this season, he is the first player to win three tournaments, giving him a 33.3% chance to win any tounrament that he competes in and an overall win rate of 77.78%. I’d keep an eye on him at the Championships.

Street RPS saw another disappointing loss for Papel Higienico, this time at the hands of B-Pac. With B-Pac turning in a monster haul of 250 Street Bucks he had more than double the 105 turned in by Papel. When b-Pac turned in his stack before we even got into the final four, he made it clear that he was willing to play for it. When Papel was presented with the idea of her chance to turn her 105 into 355, she agreed to do so, with a little prodding. They played a tournament style match for the total sum, that was slightly controversial due to the some pressure to play for it by the official. B-Pac won the game and the Street tournament, but Papel still has a 600 Street Dollar lead on the next closest competitor for the season, a lead that may be impossible to catch with the consistent turn ins she makes each night.

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