Richard Fondle Goes Of The Leash At 12 Steps Down!

Week six of the 2015 season came to a close on Thursday night at 12 Steps Down and there was no doubt that Richard Fondle was ready to celebrate another week of RPS. In perhaps the most animated performance ever seen in league history, Fondle managed to blow through the field of competitors, never failing to show boat along the way. Whether his rocks were blowing up in your face, he was switching priming hands, or simply calling on the crowd to get rowdy, there wasn’t a single moment of his performance that anyone would have wanted to miss.

When he finally made it to the championship match up he showed absolutely no signs of slowing down his antics. His opponent in the match up, The White Devil, had no idea what he was in for as Richard Fondle pulled a chair up to the table after the final four and didn’t move from his place until it was time to play the final game. Having only played in two prior tournaments, The White Devil looked a little shaky in his first finals appearance. Mr. Fondle on the other hand, having already one a tournament at 12 Steps this season, appeared to be totally focused or maybe just totally drunk on Pabst Blue Ribbon. I like to think it was the PBR that fueled his power house victory in the final match, scoring him an additional eight points for the season.

On the Street RPS side of things we saw a huge stack turned in by our friend from down under, Clayton Dwyer. Not only did he offer to play for his total of 220 buck, he encouraged Papel Higienico to take that money away from him, with her stack of 160 not standing a chance in a stick to your guns situation. Unfortunately for all those in attendance who wanted to see a massive Street RPS showdown of nearly 400 dollars, she declined the offer and the win defaulted to Clayton Dwyer, who mysteriously seems to have his eyes blacked out just as Mater Pete Lovering did last season.

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