Shermroller Flattens Competition In Win At Raven Lounge!

Things haven’t been all peaches and cream this season for, third year player, Shermroller. With a tight schedule that has limited his appearances in 2015, he has had a hard time making it deep in the tournaments that he has been able to attend. THis would all change for him on Wednesday night at Raven Lounge. In the most highly attended regular season tournament, that saw 46 competitors in the field (more than some of the Championship events), Shermroller was able to stand out amongst the crowd. Because of the high turnout, he had an entire extra round to play through in order to find his way to the championship match.

Here he would find The White Devil, whom we are told “always wins”, standing on the other side of the table. As per usual, the White Devil wasn’t going to make it easy on anyone, let alone the Shermroller. Mr. Roller worked his way to Championship point, only surrendering one match in the process, and this is when The White Devil put on the pressure, coming from behind to force a fifth and deciding set. In true dramatic fashion, the game would eventually come down to one final throw, and the crowd could seem any more excited. With the roar of a packed house in the background, and players seeming to be split on who they were rooting for, nothing was truly audible from this point on. Luckily the official needed no use of his hearing in order to call the last throw in the favor of Shermroller, who defeated The White Devil and earned himself his first victory of 2015.

Street RPS came down to a couple of pretty large stacks, and anyone who has been paying attention the last few weeks of the season shouldn’t be surprised which two players handed them in. With Papel Higienico and Kingpin seeming to be in a battle for the Season Street RPS prize (Papel being ahead by a big margin) it was clear that they both wanted to try and make some ground on the other. Both players decided that they wanted to stick with their totals. This is always disappointing to league officials, who like nothing more than to see big money games played at the table, especially in late season races. In the end, Kingpin would win Street by a total of 245 to 180. This net gain of 65 dollars surely wont be enough for him to close the gap between him and Papel, but I supposed it could be a good start.

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