The Verdict Is In As Rural Juror Finds Opponents Guilty Of Losing At Raven Lounge!

Things got crazy on Wednesday Night at the Raven Lounge. With one of the biggest turnouts so far this season, all the players, both old and new, were looking for their chance to find glory at the RPS table. With My Team Wins putting up some big numbers at Dirty Franks the night before, Team 2 Be Announced was hoping to get a big night of their own to try and close the gap. It was looking pretty good for them too, with Sally Hollywood making it all the way to the championship game and Kingpin putting in some serious work on the street.

I’ll talk about the tournament first. In the final match up of the night, Sally Hollywood would face off against The Rural Juror (Sir Faust), of the Scissoring Bobcat Consortium. This truly was an amazing match to watch. Sally Hollywood took a quick lead over The Rural Juror by winning the firs two matches. This forced the Juror into a corner with a point in the third match which, as it turns out, is exactly where he likes to deliberate. After taking a moment to decide the verdict of his next throw, he came back into the game refreshed and fought his way out of the elimination situation. He went on to force it to a five set game, where each player managed to pull off scoring a point, leaving the whole thing to come down to one final throw. In a throw that may go down as one of the greatest moments in the 2015 season, The Rural Juror brought out a trick throw that he had only just introduced to the game a few weeks before. When the scissors left the hand of Sally Hollywood, she was taken back to see that The Rural Juror had crushed them with an upside down rock, now known as Pounding The Pony.

Street RPS turned out much better for T2BA than the tournament did, just not for Kingpin. After seeming to have a sizable lead mid way through the night, he decided to play a stack for stack game at the end and lost it all. Fortunately, he lost it all to his teammate Emmy Em and they were able to secure two extra points for their team. Based on the current standing they are going to need a lot more of these two point bonuses (or some tournament wins) if they want to catch up to MTW. As for Emmy Em, well, she got on the table again as she likes to do.

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