Panty Bandit Propels To Number One On The Back Of Revenge At Boyler Room!

Week two of the 2016 season came to a close on Thursday night at The Boyler Room and would turn out to feature an exciting rematch of a championship game from just two days earlier. On Tuesday night at Dirty Franks Panty Bandit faced off against Strongbad Squarepants, who was making his season debut, and fell short of defeating him in a close match. After working her way through the competition on Thursday night to find herself face to face with him once again.

For Strongbad Squarepants it had already been an amazing week. He chalked up a victory on Tuesday and made it to the final four on Wednesday. Now he had the oppotunity to propel himself to the top of the standings with another victory on Thursday.

In the championship game Strongbad Squarepants looked poised to do just that quickly taking a two match to one lead and putting Panty Bandit’s back against the wall as he went up in the fourth match to find himself at championship point. With the pressure on her, Panty Bandit found a way to fight back and force a fifth game. Shortly after the competitors found themselves all tied up and the game came down to a final throw. After a few ties Panty Bandit would pull it off and get revenge on Strongbad Squarepants for the loss she suffered earlier in the week.

When it came down to Street RPS it would be Big Daddy Streetbucks, who is a team mate of Strongbad Squarepants on The Bald & The Beautiful, taking home the prize. This would end up making Strongbad Squarepants feel a little better about his tournament loss as the next runner up was none other than Panty Bandit. She offered to play for it, as she did on Tuesday night, but Big Daddy Streetbucks declined to do so. This turned out to be a smart move as he won it all by a score of 105 to 45. This nets him two additional points for the week, but that wasn’t enough to keep him from slipping to the number two spot in the standings. He now sits one single point behind Panty Bandit.

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