B-Pac Gets Win #1 in Week #3 at Dirty Franks!

Week 3 at Dirty Franks was everyone’s favorite kind of tournament – a tournament with no byes!  Well, it would have been no byes except Sally Scissors had to graciously decline her chance to play since the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jim Beam needed to be served without interruption.

The night had a little bit of everything, a new player with an entourage, some strong play by some veteran players, some upstart rookies (who comprised 3 of the final 4), some red cards/penalty points and someone in the crowd who liked to harass a RPS ref perhaps more than anyone else in the world ever has.  But in the end it ended up being B-Pac in the finals against Ice Cream Princess Captain of all-rookie team The Scissor Spinsters.  Ice Cream Princess Captain originally wanted to be called Hand Turkey, but since Hand Turkey’s been called that since about 2008 she had to take what she could get.  Anyway, the final match ended up being a bit of a snoozer with B-Pac taking it by a count of 3-0.  B-Pac has had several Street victories so far this season, but this was his first at the table this season so kudos to him for getting that monkey off his back.  And hey, getting to the finals in your 2nd tournament isn’t too bad Ice Cream Princess Captain.

Speaking of Street RPS (as I just was), there was a heavyweight Full Hustle to decide who would be the winner between Dump Nasty and Panty Bandit and it was pretty sweet.  Dump Nasty was down big and came back to win at what was eventually a 9-9 tie.  That wrapped up the win, the admiration of the crowd, and the biggest stack of fake money anyone has turned in so far this season (if you care about such things).  He walked out of it with $288 in almost cash and 2 extra points.  That was the 2nd night in a row that the Good, the Bad and the Ugly got a Street win, which is fairly unusual for that team.

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