Big Booty Judy Roasts A Chicken At Murphs Bar!

Things really turned up this week at Murphs Bar as we headed into the third week of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS. At the request of Bobby Bouillon, it became onesie night and most players showed up sporting their fanciest one piece pajama outfits, which of course made from some pretty silly and unique match ups. We here at PBRPRPSCLCS Headquarters assume that much shame fell upon the families of those who did not show up in pajamas. With all of that said, it was also an exciting night as we celebrated the long waited return of Elliot Winchestertinton, who just got back to the United States after spending most of the last year in Japan training under some of the most legendary RPS Masters in the world. Unfortunately that training didn’t pay off for him right away and he was eliminated in just the second round of play.

The championship game for the night would come down to Big Booty Judy and The Chicken Ranger (playng under the name Finn The Human Ranger). This is the second time this season that Chicken Ranger has made it to the final match, last time losing to Chronically Awesome in week one at the Raven Lounge. He hoped to have a better showing this time around, but Big Booty Judy wasn’t going to let it happen easily. Hell She wasn’t going to let it happen at all. In a fairly lop sided match Big Booty Judy took down The Chicken Ranger by a score of 3 matches to 1. It should also be noted that the final four players of the night were made up of half My Team Wins and half Mighty Morphin’ RPS Rangers. Without a solid showing David Bowies Package might have just given up their lead in team points, but there is still plenty of RPS ahead of us to change that.

It was also a pretty exciting night in Street RPS as we saw the narrowest margin yet this season between the two largest stacks of fake money turned in. Both players were asked if they would like to play for the total sum of the street bucks, but even with some attempts to put the pressure on them by the nights official, they both declined to play the game. This lead to a truly nail biting moment as the winner of the night was announced. When the announcement finally came it was Paper Tiger on top, edging out Panty Bandit by a score of 130 to 120. This lead to Paper Tiger getting an extra two points for the night and quite possibly one of the most epic Street RPS photos of all time.

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