Big News As #TeamRealWhyteRanger Gets First Career Win At Raven!

Things at Raven Lounge are usually a bit rowdy and a lot of fun and it was escalated to the next level in week four when we got a special visit from the local CBS news team who came out to check on all the hot Rock Paper Scissors action. They got some great footage too with some memorable performances from dOGulas, Chicken Thief, and an epic rematch between Frankie Thirteen and #TeamRealWhyteRanger. Speaking of the rematch, Frankie Thirteen had been asking for this after his loss to the WhyteRanger in week two at Raven and hoped to even it up at one game a piece. The match was a good one, coming down to the final throw, but #TeamRealWhyteRanger inevitably took the game perhaps signalling that he has got Frankie Thirteen’s number.

The RealWhyteRanger would ride that first round victory all the way to the Championship game where he faced off against his Mighty Morphin’ RPS Ranger teammate, The Crazy Cat Lady. This is the second time this season that each of these players have made it to a championship match, but both of them had lost in their previous attempts. With a guarantee that one would finally win a championship this season, it was only a matter of finding out who it would be. Things looked good early on for Crazy Cat Lady as she went up one match to none, but it didn’t last long as #TeamRealWhyteRanger took the next two matches to go up in the game. The Cat Lady answered right back in match four and forced a game five that would come down to a fitting final throw. Teammate vs Teammate saw a few stalemate tied throws before #TeamRealWhyteRanger finally struck the killing blow with a well placed rock getting him his first career RPS tournament win.

If there was one word to describe to mood of the Street RPS game at Raven Lounge, that word would be passionate. There were some intense games of high stakes backed up with extreme feels. How many feels you ask? So many! No matter how many games of RPS that  were played, the real money was made on games of connect four (no really). In the end the two largest stacks of the night were handed in by old Street RPS rivals dOGulas and Panty Bandit. Neither of the competitors were feeling saucy enough to play for their total sum and stuck with their turned in amounts. This turned out to be a bad move for dOGulas, but a great move for Panty Bandit as she took the win by a score of 180 to 140 street bucks.

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