dOGulas Tells Real Whyte Ranger To Take A Time Out At Dirty Franks!

If there has been one theme to the fourth week of the 2016 Rock Paper Scissors Season its that David Bowies Package has really started to lose at the one thing that love to do… lose. On Monday night it was Hipster Thrifter beating her teammate, Zombie Llama, in the final game. On Tuesday we saw the rise of Pants McGee claiming her first career tournament victory and raking up points for DBP. The one exception this week was Wednesday as we saw no representation of The Package in the championship game, instead having #TeamRealWhyteRanger defeating his fellow Ranger, The Crazy Cat Lady, in the finals. The question on Thursday night at Dirty Franks was if the week would be split two wins a piece for DBP and MMRPSR or would David Bowies Package win three out of four nights this week.

The pride of The Package, dOGulas faced of against #TeamRealWhyteRanger, who won the night before, in the championship match up to answer that question. As anyone would have predicted there were some early time  outs called by Whyte Ranger and they almost seemed to pay off, but dOGulas has been around the game of professional RPS for a long time now and wasn’t going to fall for any gimmicks when he has so many of his own. The ultimate time out was called for the Real Whyte Ranger as dOGulas defeated him and took the eight point prize for his team and helped them finish off a monster week.

As far as the Street RPS tournament went, it wasn’t really the most exciting night ever. There were a lot of new players in attendance on Thursday which led to a lot of one and two dollar games. The veterans didn’t seem too thrilled about the low stakes games and there wasn’t a lot of Street Bucks in circulation. This allowed Big Booty Judy to steal two points with a street victory that only cost her 75 bucks. There wasn’t even another stack more than 20 turned in, though there were quite a few 20, 25 and 10 dollar stacks. Had there been more enthusiasm to play those bucks and they consolidated into the hands of one player they could have probably beaten her, but that wasn’t what happened. The best news to come out of Street RPS on this night was actually the fact that Big Booty Judy left before the totals were in and the winner was announced. This lead to an absence of a photo to use for this article and the decision to use the first thing that came up in a Google image search of her name. The photo to the right clearly indicates that was a wise decision.

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