Dr. Dre Prescribes Herself A Win At Raven Lounge In Double Points Week!

It was an epic night at Raven Lounge as we headed into the back half of Double Points Week. The house was packed with faces both old and new, all looking for their chance at Rock Paper Scissors glory. The crowd was intense and the Pabst Blue Ribbon was flowing like a waterfall of RPS dreams. Only one player would be able to claim victory on the night and as we made our way into the final game of the night it was either going to be a rookie player (at least a rookie to Philadelphia RPS) or it was going to be the 2011 Rookie of the Year.

Dr. Dre met up with The Man Of Indiana in the final match of the night. The Man From Indiana seemed to surprise the crowd with his game play which seemed to be that of a veteran contender. What the crowd and Dr. Dre didn’t realize was that he is currently the number one ranked competitive RPS player in Indiana and he just so happened to be in Philadelphia for the night. Had they known this, they may not have been so shocked by his level of skill. It looked like he was going to really wow the crowd when he took the first match of the championship game, but that was all he was going to be able to pull off as Dr. Dre quickly bounced back to sweep the next three sets and win herself a whopping 16 points for the night. This was the first time that Dr. Dre has won a tournament since 2011 when she also took home a victory during double points week. RPS historians will note that it was that win (ans the 16 points she was awarded) that allowed her to leapfrog The Contact Boner (at the time called One Armed Scissor) to steal away his rookie of the year title just 2 days before the close of the season.

In Street RPS, David Bowies Package continued to crush the competition. But unlike the night before, it was not dOGulas with the largest stack. Instead, it was B-Pac who turned in the winning total, much like he did the week before at Raven Lounge. With all the Street Bucks in play for the night B-Pac managed to put together the second largest stack of the season with a total of 290 bucks. This total was only bested by the 315 he turned in at Raven the week before. Not only did this get him an extra 4 points for the night, but it also put in him striking distance of the Season Street RPS prize that looked to be well out of his grasp just a few weeks ago.

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