Hellcat Wins Big As M.T.W. Gets First Team Sweep In 2016 At Franks!

Week one of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS continued on Tuesday night at Dirty Franks and there was a lot of new talent in the building to give the veteran players a run for their money. One of the more interesting new teams to enter the fray last night was Team Fart, who quickly became fan favorites of some of our more low brow players and it was easy to hear the Team Fart chants as their members completed throughout the night. One of their members, Johan Von Slavenveld, made it as far as the final four, but was knocked out by Hellcat of My Team Wins.

All wasn’t lost for the rookie players in attendance though as Michael Boren who is currently the only member of the not officially recognized team, Ivan Drago, would find himself facing off against Hellcat in the Championship Round after having eliminated Crazy Cat Lady in the final four. Unfortunately for Mr. Boren things didn’t go so well for him in the final game. After finding himself down 2 matches to 0 he almost looked as though he was going to stage a comeback when he took match 3, but this was as far as he would make it. Hellcat took match 4 between the two players and won the Championship game by a score of 3 matches to 1. This victory should solidify Dirty Franks as the home field for Hellcat as I believe this is the only in season venue that she has managed to score multiple wins at throughout her career.

When it came to the Street Tournament there wasn’t a whole lot of money in circulation on Tuesday night, but it all did seem to funnel toward one persons pocket. As she has done many times before, Panty Bandit dominated the street game and defeated her next closest opponent by a score of 116 to 40. This shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone who has followed Panty Bandits RPS career over the years as she is still the current record holder for most street turned in in a single season. She set that record way back in 2013 and it is doubtful it will ever be broken.

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