Hipster Thrifter Finds Victory Against Her Own Team For Second Time At Murphs!

Week four started off very similar to week two. That is to say that it was a great night at Murphs Bar for David Bowies Package. Three of the final five competitors (yeah we’re know that’s a weird number) came from the team and when we shaved that down to just two players it was an all DBP final game.

Hipster Thrifter, who won here two weeks ago after defeating her teammate dOGulas, would this time be facing off against another teammate in the form of Zombie Llama. For his part, Zombie Llama literally never took his eyes off of the referee in any game he played during the night’s tournament. At one point this actually lead to a match were neither competitor even faced each other, deciding to both stand directly in front of the table and stare into the soul of the official. While referee Richard Classy original saw this as a cheap gimmick in the first few rounds, he was a full on believer that this strategy would secure Zombie Llama a victory by the time the championship match came to be. It didn’t matter what the referee thought of it though because he was completely wrong and Hipster Thrifter easily defeated the Llama and proved once again that she is rather good when playing against her own team.

The night didn’t end there for David Bowies Package either. They landed themselves two more points when Zero won himself a little bit of that Street RPS. This is believed to be the first time that Zero has won street since he took over the duty of designing the street money each season way back in 2013. With neither player willing to play for the total sum, Zero defeated the Panty Bandit by a score of 115 to 90. With David Bowies Package currently trailing My Team Wins in the latest standings this night could be a big deal in closing that 23 point gap.

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