Hipster Thrifter Scores Sweet Deal In All Package Finals At Murphs!

With the first week of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS Season in the books, David Bowie’s Package found themselves in an unlikely position which is first place for team points. They could partially credit their success to the forfeiting of points by other teams when they created players created a one day super team last Wednesday which allowed The Package to edge out the next closest team by just a few points.When we headed out to Murphs on Monday to kick off the second week of the season it turned out that the team that prides themselves on losing just couldn’t seem to stop winning.

The final four consisted of three member of The Package and it would have been all four if Zero had not lost his game against Silly Putty and allowed her to be the sole competitor tasked with taking down DBP. Even Stilly Putty wasn’t enough to stop them in thier tracks as dOGulas and Hipster Thrifter found their way into the championship game. It’s is always exciting when team members have to face off in the finals and this was no different. Hipster Thrifter quickly took the lead going up two games to none against dOGulas. In the third set it looked like dOGulas was going to stage a comeback as he easily changed the games momentum. This would be as far as that momentum would last though as Hipster Thrifter took the fourth match of the game and was crowned Champion on her first outing of the season. Either way it was a very good night for David Bowies Package as they extended their team points lead by a significant margin.

When it came down to the Street RPS Tournament things seemed like they might land in favor of The Package yet again as one of the night two largest stacks came once again from B-Pac who has been a Street RPS contender every night so far this season. While he handed in a decent stack at 100 street bucks, it was not enough to overcome the mountain of money that Big Booty Judy handed in, almost doubling B-Pac at 190 street bucks. This is Big Booty Judy’s first Street victory of the season and the first time that the winner hasn’t been B-Pac or Panty Bandit. Still, the 100 turned in by B-Pac will surely add to his overall street dollar lead and will keep him on pace to break the all time Street RPS Record.

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  1. dOGulas says:

    Correction: I was runner up in street that night with 100, not B-Pac.

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