Mr. Is Stands Tall On The Back Of David Bowies Package At El Bar!

Week Six of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS came to a close on Thursday night at El Bar and with just seven more tournaments after this one the window to qualify for the $1000 Championship Tournament is slowly closing. This is something that at least Milpool is very aware of as he made sure to make an appearance to push himself closer to that qualifying point and perhaps some others should be following his lead. In the process of him just trying to qualify, he actually made it all the way to the championship game (even though he thought it was just the final four) where he had to face off against the 2008 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Mr. Is.

Milpool put up a decent fight but he was no match for Mr. Is, who had all of David Bowies Package behind her with an almost full roaster for them on the night (cough Zero cough). Sure she took home an extra eight points and brought home glory for her team, but the most important thing she did that night was to prove, with the help of the rest of her teammates in attendance, that no one takes a winning photo like a member of David Bowies Package.

In Street RPS Big Daddy Streetbucks reminded everyone just why he is called Big Daddy Streetbucks as he handed in the biggest stack of fake money for the night. He beat the Crazy Cat Lady by a score of 153 to 75 which might have been the Cat Lady’s largest turn in so far this season. This was good news for BDS as he could use the extra 2 points he got because he has found himself in trouble in the regular tournaments since he made his return from the mid-season disabled list.

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