Mr. Wonder Sees No Challange At El Bar In Week Seven!

We closed out week seven of the 2016 PBRPRPSLCCS on Thursday night at El Bar and the crowd was anxious to see how it would play out in the final tournament before we head into what may or may not be double points week (still waiting for the decision to come down from the head brass at PBRPRPSCLCS HQ). There were some great matches throughout the night including a Hollywood Frankie vs Paper Tiger match up that brought Philadelphia’s two longest running players (both in their 11th seasons) head to head for a throwback battle. This battle would be won by Paper Tiger and it would propel him into the championship game of the night.

Paper Tiger faced off against Mr. Wonder, who hadn’t wont a tournament since he took it home on the first night of his career over three years ago right here at El Bar, back when he played under the name Elliot Winchestertinton. Most of the crowd seemed to expect to see a clean victory by Paper Tiger, but it wasn’t clean and it wasn’t a victory. In a thrilling match that came down to the final set of the game, Mr. Wonder came out on top giving himself eight more points toward his season total and his team a second tournament win for the night.

Street RPS saw a huge victory for Hollywood Frankie, who easily made up for his loss just two nights earlier. In the same fashion as Tuesday night Frankie agreed to play for the total amount of his stack and the other largest stack (a move that is always encouraged by the officials) and this time he faced off against Bobby Bouillon. In a half hustle match Hollywood Frankie took down his opponent and took all of his street buck sin the process. This gave him two extra points and another 280 street dollars to add to his season total. Its even more impressive because he had originally handed in only 90 of that total and stole the other 190 the only way you can… by playing for it!

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