No One Makes A Fool Out Of Milpool At Murphs Bar!

Double points week kicked off in spectacular fashion as we saw the return of Milpool to Murphs Bar for the first time this season. This was a place where he saw tremendous success in 2015, winning 3 tournaments under the roof of the Irish Bar with amazing Italian food. While this was his first time back at Murphs Bar this year, it was actually his fourth tournament of the season, but no other venue has come close to providing him as much success. He made it tot he final game at El Bar a few weeks back but was cut just short of the championship that night by Mr. Is. On Monday he made it all the way to the final game for the second time this season.

This time his opponent would not be Mr. Is, but her fellow David Bowies Package teammate, dOGulas. dOGulas has been having a pretty strong back half of the season this year and came into double points week finding himself in second place for total points, a distant second, but second none the less. Looking to use the week of twice as many points to perhaps make a move for the top spot, making it to the final game could go a long way. If he could win the final game it would have done him even better. Unfortunately for dOGulas, Milpool was being fueled by the hallowed walls of Murphs and the past victories that had blessed up on him and he took the top spot for the night, winning the championship game and taking home a whopping 16 points for the night. He also got to take home a stylish Pabst Blue Ribbon fanny pack that you can see him pointing at in the photo above.

In Street RPS it would be Milpools teammate of the Mighty Morphin’ RPS Rangers taking the top spot for the night. After each building up fairly large stacks of street cash, T-T-T-Today Junior and The Crazy Cat Lady played a last minute full hustle match to see which one of these two Rangers would turn in a hefty sum. The game came down to the final throw, but in the End it was The Crazy Cat Lady turning in 200 street bucks for the night. The next closest stack was that of the Panty Bandit at 135, but she didn’t want to play for it. Perhaps she was more interested in padding her season leading Street RPS total than she was of getting the additional four points for the night. Those four points went to The Crazy Cat Lady who you can see flashing those bucks in the same photo as Milpool definitely pointing at his fanny pack and not his “Lil’ Pool”. All in all it was a great night for The Rangers as they swept the nights prizes.

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