Pants McGee Scores First Tournament Victory in Week 4 at Dirty Franks!

week 4 of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS started off well for David Bowie’s Package with a win at Murph’s, and it didn’t get any worse for them on Tuesday at Dirty Franks.  There were a lot of rookies mixing things up with the veterans, including a rather large Team Josef, who made it through part of Round 1 but after the first four players lost, the other members decided that the rest of them weren’t going to do any better and traded the sting of actual defeat for a dignified (I guess?) forfeited defeat.  There were a few other highlights, including new alliance C & C Music Factory, which of course stands for Captain and Colonel, who brought along an accordian and a KFC flag.  Also, B-Pac played P-Bac in Round 1 and P-Bac won.

But in the Championship match it was Pants McGee of Team David Bowie’s Package looking to win her first ever title against the Chicken Thief of the Mighty Morphin RPS Rangers, who obviously had the support of the guy with the KFC flag.  Despite this obvious advantage, the Chicken Thief went down quickly 2 matches to 0 and never recovered as Pants McGee took him down 3-1 to claim her first Championship ever and the 2nd of the week for David Bowie’s Package.

Meanwhile, as far as Street RPS goes, things didn’t go so well for David Bowie’s Package, but they did go pretty OK for My Team Wins.  Fairly new member Bobby Bad Bobcat ended up with the most on this night by a pretty fair amount, topping dOGulas by a score of 166-50.  And he got a picture where the entire C & C Music Factory snuck in behind him.  Not a bad night!

On a side note, Hand Turkey turned in a personal best 40 street bucks, which placed him third for perhaps the first time in his RPS career.

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