Panty Bandit Crowned Sexiest Player In All M.T.W. Night At Raven Lounge!

Things were, well… interesting in week three of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS on Wednesday night at Raven Lounge. League play got shifted up to the second floor and the air held an odor that was made by a mix of one part Axe Body Spray, one part fake leather, and what I believe was two parts sheer desperation. This is because the downstairs of the Raven Lounge was playing host to a cocktail mixer for Philadelphia’s “Sexy Singles”. Thankfully players made it safely up to second floor to compete without much trouble, though they did have to dodge plenty of knock off designer handbags and stay clear from being punctured by hairstyles rife with the hardest and sharpest of gel products. Most importantly they made it upstairs with their dignity still intact, which should have been a hot commodity on the first floor as none of the sexy single guests seemed to show up bringing any of their own.

The real story of the night though was the dominating performance of My Team Wins. This has been a pretty good week for them so far and Wednesday night it got a little better. The final four players of the night was comprised of three members of their team and when two of those players went onto the championship match it was all but assured that they would make a big grab on points. The Championship Game came down to Panty Bandit and, one of the newest members of M.T.W., Bobby Ballerina. In the end, Panty Bandit came out on top, which should help further solidify her current total points lead for the season.

That isn’t where things stopped for My Team Wins either, as Sally Hollywood went on to absolutely crush the field in Street RPS. When given the opportunity to play for all the money she wisely opted to stick with her total, which was a whopping 245. The next closest competitor was Ravioli with a mere 30 Street Bucks. This was the second highest street take for the season trailing only behind the 288 gained by Dump Nasty the night before, but that was a product of two players playing for their total sums and his original turn in was just 178. This gives her the highest single player turn in for the season just edging out Porker LeVance who turned in 240 the week before at Raven.

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