Paper Tiger Plays Spoiler To dOGulas In Last Night Of Regular Season!

The 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS Regular Season came to a close on Thursday night at El Bar in Fishtown and it definitely went out with a bang. There weren’t as many close races as ther ehave been in recent years on the final night of the season, but the one that was in play truly played out in dramatic fashion. dOGluas came into the final night of the season nine points behind the Panty Bandit for Total Season Points. In order to overcome the odds he would have to defeat the Bandit in the first round and at the very least make it to the championship game at the end of the night. He managed to pull of the first step toward his goal by eliminating the Bandit, coming from behind to win it 2 matches to 1. With Panty Bandit in his rear view mirror dOGulas would still have to defeat three more players in order to have a shot to pull off the single greatest final night steal in the history of the PBRPRPSCLCS. In thrilling fashion dOGulas did exactly that by defeating T-T-T-Today Junior, Milpool, and Tim The Destoyer to find himself exactly where he needed to be.

Having made it to the final match of the night he now found himself one point ahead of Panty Bandit for Total Points and if he could win this final match he would secure himself the Total Points title for the first time in his career. All he had to do was defeat Paper Tiger and he would become a legend of the game overcoming the largest final night deficit ever seen. Paper Tiger wasn’t feeling too keen on letting dOGulas make history though and when the final game started the Tiger never took his foot off the gas. Only allowing 2 points the entire game, the Paper Tiger swept the game by a score of 3 matches to 0. This still left dOGulas up one point for the season, but it also meant that there were still four points up for grabs in the nights Street RPS Tournament.

Street RPS, it would turn out, ended up making and breaking the final night of the season. A Panty Bandit victory would mean that she would end up 3 points ahead for the season. As the last calls for Street Bucks game in Panty Bandit somehow managed to more than double the amount of street bucks she had in the final moments without even throwing a single rock paper or scissor, but instead with a simple handshake and a hand-off from her teammate. Some have speculated that this is the exact type of behavior that has lead to the upcoming rule changes that will be coming to the Street RPS game next season. At the very least, Panty Bandit did agree to play for the total amount in a full hustle game against The Crazy Cat Lady, where she prevailed by a score of 10 to 3. This secured her place as both the Season Total Points and Street RPS Winner. Though there were many in the crowd who seemed to wonder if she would have had enough money to be in the top 2 stacks before the mystery infusion.

No matter what you take away from the final night of the season, if there was one thing to know, it was that dOGulas put pressure on a front runner like no one ever had before. While he fell just short of his goal, he made the night an exciting one and it will be a performance that will be talked about for many years to come.

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