Ravioli Scores First Career Win At Dirty Franks In Week Three!

There were a lot of twists and turns in week three of the season and after some unforeseen events we found ourselves back at Dirty Franks on Thursday night. It also happened to be Cinco de Mayo, so it goes without saying that there were some excitable folks out and about and some of them decided to play RPS. Turns out that some of those rookie players managed to take out some long time names in the RPS community such as Porker LeVance and Mr. Is. The final four would consist of two brand new players facing off against two more seasoned players. Luckily for those two seasoned competitors they spared themselves the embarrassment and defeated those rookies to face each other in the Championship Game.

For the third time this week the final match up would be between two players from the same team. This time around it was The Artist Formally Known As Ravioli facing off against, 2015 Rookie of the Year, The Crazy Cat Lady. It turned out to be a pretty exciting match up between these two competitors. Crazy Cat Lady quickly went up in the game with a 2 match to 0 lead, but Ravioli was not going to take it laying downa dn took the next 2 matches to even it up and force a fifth and deciding set. From there each player took a point and it would all come down to a final throw. Well, a few final throws actually because there were a series of ties. In the end, it would be Ravioli coming out on top winning his first career tournament and 8 points for his season total.

If its been a good week for anyone, its been a good week for Panty Bandit, the current total points leader for the season. After winning the tournament at Raven Lounge the night before, she seemed to be on a mission to take down the Street RPS prize for the night. Everywhere you turned you could find her playing a full hustle or maybe a one throw gamble. It also wasn’t a rare sight to see her winning any game that she played. Just two nights before, also at Dirty Franks, she had a chance to play for everything and lost it all, but she wouldn’t take that chance this night. She stuck with her stack of 112 and it was enough to secure her 2 more points for her season total and really helped to cut into the lead B-Pac currently has for Total Season Street.

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