Sassy Hollywood Almost Gets Daily Double At Raven Lounge In Week Six!

It got exciting in week six at Raven Lounge on Wednesday night. If there has been a running theme for the last couple of weeks its been close calls, but missed opportunities in the area of the Daily Double. Panty Bandit had two chances at it last week and T-T-T-Today Junior almost landed one himself on Monday night. Alas, there hasn’t been anyone able to pull it off so far this season and its understandable as there have only been four players to ever pull off the daunting task. Sassy Hollywood would have the chance to give it a try on Wednesday to see if she could join C. Urbanus, Paper Tiger, dOGulas, and Dick Nasty in the exclusive Daily Double Club.

First she had to make her way to the championship game and she did. Next she would have to face off against her own teammate in the form of Dr. Dre. We hadn’t seen much of Dr. Dre, the 2011 Rookie of the Year, this season and with this being only her second time out for the year no one seemed to be able to get a solid read on her. Of course that is until she faced off against Sassy Hollywood, who managed to beat her in the final game by a score of 3 matches to 1. That meant it was one victory down and one victory to go.

This brought us to Street RPS where Sassy Hollywood turned in a substantial stack of fake money. The other large stack on the night was turned in by Uncreative Moses. When both players were asked if they would like to play for the total amount they could not agree to do so instead deciding to stick with their original amounts. Lucky enough for all the spectators in attendance they both turned in exactly 100 street dollars and were forced to play for it anyway. Unlucky enough for Sassy Hollywood, she lost a half hustle match and gave the game to Uncreative Moses, which netted him 2 additional season points and spoiled her shot at the Daily Double. Uncreative  Moses left the bar before we could take his photo though and as luck would have it a google image search of his name actually brought up a photo of Sassy Hollywood as the first result so even if she didnt win the Daily Double, Google at least wants to let us make it appear as if she did.

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