Strongbad Squarepants Soaks Up A Win At Dirty Franks!

Week 2 continued on Tuesday night as the PBRPRPSCLCS headed out to Dirty Franks for some hot rock paper scissors action. After an all David Bowies Package finals just one night earlier they hoped they would be able to replicate the success. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly how things went down for them due to a stronger showing from the rest of the competition. While not quite being a rookie player, but certainly not having veteran status, Strongbad Squarepants showed up with some serious chops and blew away most of his competition to find himself in the championship game.

It was here that he would face off against one of the longest tenured players in the league in the form of Panty Bandit. Having received her lifetime achievement award during the 2015 season and already laying claim to two Street RPS titles this season, Panty Bandit was looking to add a tournament win to this seasons list. She put her best effort in, but after being afflicted with what was perhaps from bad juju, she never really found the stride that she was looking for. Strongbad Squarepants seemed very comfortable in his victory over his opponent, showing a level of calm and confidence not usually seen in a player of such a novice level. This landed him his first eight points in the 2016 season and should immediately provide him some name recognition in the world of competitive RPS.

When it came down to the Street RPS tournament we got a taste of excitement not normally offered as the two players with the largest stacks played for the total sum of their street piles. B-Pac faced off against Big Booty Judy in a full hustle match (first to ten) to decide with of these two competitors would walk away adding 225 street bucks to their season totals and an additional two points for the night. The match was just as exciting as you would expect with the competitors trading blows to try and gain an advantage. When it was all said and done B-Pac was able to hold on just a little bit longer then Big Booty Judy and walked away victorious. This adds even more street bucks to B-Pac’s already commanding lead. It is still very early in the season but at this rate he may just run away with the Street RPS Season prize.

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