T-T-T-Today Junior Scores First In Season Win at M-M-M-Murphs Bar In Week Six!

The crowd was as excited as ever on Monday night as we kicked off week six of the season at Murphs Bar in Fishtown. Party hats were a plenty as the competitors celebrated the birthday of Hipster Thrifter, who has already won twice this season at Murphs. She was hoping to make it three times this season, which would have been a great way for her to celebrate, but the birthday drinks might have been too much for her to handle and she was eliminated in round three after receiving her first penalty card of the season (which was evidence of the too many PBR’s).

This was good news though for T-T-T-Today Junior, who eliminated the Hipster Thrifter, as it helped to propel him to the final match for the first time in his career during the season. Having only been to the final game once before this December in the off season, he now had to face off against dOGulas, who had actually been eliminated by non other than Hipster Thifter the last time he was in the final match at Murphs. Making sure to keep that losing streak at Murphs alive, dOGulas lost the championship game to T-T-T-Today Junior who took home eight points for the night during his conquest to ruin Hipster Thrifters birthday.

T-T-T-Today Junior tried to further ruin the birthday of Hipster Thrifter in Street RPS. There was plenty of shading goings on in Street this night (as there usually is) but for the first time this season someone was ballsy enough to try and cheat right in front of the referee. This someone was Frankie Thriteen, who after being upset that neither Hipster Thrifter nor T-T-T-Today Junior would play him for him third place stack of money, blatantly handed his stack over to the Thrifter without playing for it. This was a clear violation on the one rule of Street RPS, “Don’t get caught”, and resulted in a forced Street RPS playoff game between the two largest stacks because it could not be verified who actually had the most before the incident. It’s a good thing that T-T-T-Today Junior found sucess in the championship game of the tournament because he got absolutely slaughtered in the Street RPS game, losing a full hustle by a score of 10 to 3 and giving Hipster Thrifter at least one birthday win.

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