Texas Chainstore Manager Opens For Business At El Bar!

We closed out the fifth week of the 2016 season and after some unforeseen issues with our original Thursday night venue we returned to El Bar for the first time since the 2012 season. The bar was as familiar as ever and the backyard was packed on a beautiful May night. Some new players decided to try their hands at competitive rock paper scissors and even more were interested to watch the games. There was a strong showing from My Team Wins and the Mighty Morphin’ RPS Rangers so it was no surprise that when we made it to the final match up of the night that it would be between a member of each of these teams.

It was Fergzilla versus the Texas Chainstore Manager in the championship game and it was the first ever visit to the finals for both of these players. While Fergzilla has been around for a few seasons this is the rookie year for Texas Chainstore Manager and it was guaranteed to be a big night for at least one of them. It turned it to be much bigger for one player than for the other as Texas Chainstore Manager won the game by a score of 3 matches to 0, giving up only a single point in the first match.

Street RPS came down to two pretty solid stacks as dOGulas and The Ultimate Bad Guy each turned in quality performances. There was a moment when it almost seemed like they were going to play for their total sum, but in a last minute snap decision, dOGulas decided to stick with his total. This would work to his advantage as he took the night by a score of 140 to 115 and proceeded to take a game of thrones inspired winning photo.

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