The Jiggle Ranger Does What He Does Best At Raven Lounge!

There was a lot of excitement at The Raven Lounge on Wednesday night and we would be lying if we didn’t attribute this to one single individual. He was a brand new player to competitive RPS and his name was Chocolate Shake. Living up to his name he shook, twerked, and grinded his way through the first round of play and onto round two. Unfortunately, he would be stopped in his tracks there by #TeamRealWhyteDude, but while he didnt make it all the way to the championship game it would be doing a great disservice, not just to the league and all its players but, to the whole world if we didn’t spend at least the first paragraph of this write up talking about his electric presence.

When it came down to the championship game it would be two team members having to face off against each other to decide the ultimate winner. Instead of it being an all Package final like Monday night it boiled down to two players representing the Mighty Morphin’ RPS Rangers. The Jiggle Ranger, who has chalked up many victories at the Raven Lounge in the past would face off against rookie player #TeamRealWhyteDude. In the first championship match of his career #TeamRealWhyteDude looked optimistic about his chances, but he failed to recognize the magic that surrounds The Jiggle Ranger when he plays on the legendary Raven Lounge table. In a thriller of a match Jiggle came out on top and secured his first win of the season as well as eight points for his season total.

We also saw the most lopsided Street RPS victory so far this season when Porker LeVance (pictured to the right) turned in an impressive stack of 240 Street Bucks. The next closest stack was a meager 20 Street Bucks turned in by The Crazy Cat Lady, who seemed to be shocked that it would even put her in contention for the nights prize (really it didn’t though). Unsurprisingly, Porker LeVance declined to play for the total sum and stuck it out with his massive fortune to win the street prize and an additional two points on the night.

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