Things Get Chronically Awesome In The First Week At Raven Lounge!

The Raven Lounge did not disappoint when we headed there Wednesday to continue to opening week of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS. As usual the Pabst Blue Ribbons were flowing, shots of Jim Beam were finding homes in eager bellies, and the bartender was as excited as ever. Apperently, it was also some kind of holiday as well, though we here at the PBRPRPSCLCS are not familiar with it, and some players from all different teams came together to form a one day team in honor of it.

Eight total players, respresenting almost all the teams in the league, banded together to create Smoke Weed Kick Ass (still not sure how its relevant to this unheard of holiday) and ended up doing really well. The Championship Game actually had two members of this team play each other when The Chicken Kief faced off against Chronically Awesome. This match up was nothing short of exciting as it went to the final game and came down to a final throw to see which competitor would be crowned Champion of the night. It would end up being Chronically Awesome, who remained awesome, besting The Chicken Kief in a nailbitier of a match, earning her 8 points for the season and a gift certificate to the Raven Lounge.

Street RPS ended up being a pretty close game as well with B-Pac defeating That’s So Frankie by a score of 155 to 140. B-Pac was unsure if he had enough to win and actually offered to play for the total, but That’s So Frankie had left early after turning in his Street Bucks. If he had stuck around he would have gotten the chance to try and steal it, but I’m sure B-Pac was pleased to find out he didn’t risk his win once the final counts were announced. This makes it the second Street RPS Victory for B-pac in just the first 3 tournaments this season. If he keeps this up he may even have a shot at breaking the current record and reclaiming the title of most winning Street Player in Philly RPS history. This is a title that he once held in 2010, but was broken the following season by Dick Nasty. This record would only hold for 2 seasons as Panty Bandit would come along to take in in 2013. Could B-Pac come full circle?

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