Things Get Hot For Big Daddy Streetbucks At The Boyler Room!

On Thursday night we headed out to The Boyler Room to close out the first official week of the 2016 season. After the exciting one day team shakeup on Wednesday night it seemed that there were some permanent team moves that took place. After taking home the Rookie of the Year prize last season as part of the Scissoring Bobcat Consortium, The Crazy Cat Lady switched up her team affiliation and made her debut performance as a member of the Might Morphin’ RPS Rangers. This didn’t seem to help her immediately though as she ended up losing in the first round of play.

Her former teammate, Papel Higienico, fared a bit better by making it to the championship match against Big Daddy Streetbucks, who had just won a championship match himself just three days earlier on Monday night. These two players have seen plenty of each other on the table over the last few seasons and it showed as there were a series of stalemate throws to start the game off. Eventually, strategy would pay off for one of these players and his name was Big Daddy Streetbucks. This victory capped off a fantastic first week for the long time RPS competitor and is the firs time that any player has won two tournaments in the first week of play under Richard Classy’s tenure as the RPS Commissioner. It’s still too early to tell if he can sustain this level of success, but we are excited to watch.

Speaking of dominant performances, B-Pac has already won Street RPS twice this week with victories on Monday and Wednesday, dropping only Tuesday night to Street RPS All-Time record holder, Panty Bandit. It should come to no one’s surprise then that the two biggest stacks turned in on Thursday night would come from these two players. When asked for the chance to play for the total sum of their street stacks, B-Pac chose to play for it while Panty Bandit decided to stick with her turn in and pray for the best. This was a somewhat risky move for the Bandit who had found additional street bucks in her pocket after her initial turn in, but due to PBRPRPSCLCS regulatory policy, wouldn’t be counted because a player cannot have more than one turn in on the night. This should serve as a reminder to all players to check all your pockets before turning in your bucks. Luckily for Panty Bandit her initial turn in was enough to defeat B-Pac by a score of 115 to 80.

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