Toilet Paper Flusher Sends Everyone Down the Drain at Dirty Franks!

Week 5 at Dirty Franks was a largely veteran crowd, which is kind of a change of pace from the usual Dirty Franks tournament, where new players don’t mind jumping right in to the competition (perhaps due to the lack of a stage).  And while it is true that new players are tomorrow’s veteran players, the lack of red cards and new teams leaving mid-competition (ahem, Team Josef) was quite nice on the ref, who always deserves a break.

But perhaps this break proved to be a bit undeserved Mr. Ref scheduled not one but two same team matches in round 3.  It was a Good, Bad and Ugly showdown between Toilet Paper Flusher and Paper Tiger as well as a David Bowie’s Package-off between B-Pac (not P-Bac) and dOGulas.  Toilet Paper Flusher took down Paper Tiger in that round and he didn’t stop there, and in fact he never stopped winning almost as if it was uncontrollable.  He finished up in the finals against his old RPS frenemy The Panty Bandit and it ended up being a surprisingly clean victory for the TP Flusher, as he won 3 matches to 0.

But the whole night didn’t go in the shitter for Panty Bandit.  She did win the Street RPS portion of the evening by a sizable margin.  It still wasn’t the daily double she’s been looking for, but it was better than nothing.

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