Uncreative Moses Comes Out Of Retirement To Retire The Competition At Raven Lounge!

Week five has been a pretty good one for My Team Wins with an all team final match and Street RPS victory on Monday as well as another Street RPS win on Tuesday with a member making it all the way to the final tournament game. Wednesday at Raven Lounge would also prove to be pretty good for the team who has won season total for the last three years. Just like Monday night the final match up would consist of two players from their team.

Panty Bandit, who made it to the final game before a total collapse just one night ago, faced off against Uncreative Moses IV, who had just announced his retirement from the game 3 hours earlier before immediately unretiring to compete. It was a well fought match between these two competitors, but in the end Uncreative Moses IV would prevail as the winner as most proffesional athletes seem to do when they come back from retirement.

Street RPS went to My Team Wins for the third time this week, something that is believed to be wearing thin on almost everyone else in the league. The two largest stacks were handed in by Sassy Hollywood and Panty Bandit, who was trying (and failing) for the second time in two days to get the daily double win that she has never achieved. The players decided not to play for their totals and in a close count it was Sassy Hollywood coming out on top by a score of 105 to 95.

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