Virgin Butterhole Doesn’t Give It Up at Dirty Franks!

It was, as it is every Tuesday, a happening night at Dirty Franks.  The anonymous entry fee donor (who historically appears once a year) decided for Tuesday to be the night so everyone saved a $1.  Which, as many in the crowd agreed, was a great way to start a night of RPS.

The RPS action was as good as ever and Team UK 2 even made an appearance (some will remember the original Team UK from the 2003 and 2005 World Championships and perhaps even from the documentary RPS: A Geek Tragedy)!  Will the Rock paid homage to his idol and 2006 World Champ Bob “The Rock” Cooper, although his play was not altogether befitting of honoring the former World Champ.  Paper Tiger made it to the Final Four for the 2nd night in a row and then got ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED by Panty Bandit, who met up with her teammate Virgin Butterhole, who took care of  business against Pill Cosby Goes to Trial in the semis to deny him a chance at a repeat Tuesday night win.  Virgin Butterhole kept the momentum going against Panty Bandit, who has done quite well at advancing to the finals this year.  The match was pretty good, as many in the crowd exclaimed at the time.  In the end, Virgin Butterhole picked up her 2nd win of the season and My Team Wins improved their league-leading team standings yet again.

Now Pill Cosby Goes to Trial may not have won the tournament, but if you’re talking Street RPS, the man really did himself a solid.  He turned in a bunch of cash and said he would play for it.  And play for it he did – against Von Damonator and the crowd was quite pleased that there was an all The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Street RPS showdown happening before their very eyes.  Von Damonator didn’t fare so well and lost the chance to turn his $35 into $200, while Pill Cosby Goes to Trial added that $35 to his original $165 and got two points.

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