Virgin Butterhole Greases The Competition At Dirty Franks!

Week Seven started off a day late this year as we took our traditional Memorial Day break. The shortened week meant that Dirty Franks would be the venue to kick things off as we get one week closer to the Championship Tournament. This night would see the return of Dick Nasty, who came out of retirement when he heard that new rules had to be created for the league after “someone” had been abusing the use of timeouts. He faced that “someone” in round one and called some epic time outs by putting the solid T in and on the face of #TeamRealWhyteRanger, not once but twice. It was enough to get him out of the first round, but then his return fell short at the hands of Dirty Frank’s favorite, Hand Turkey.

Hand Turkey rode this wave of success all the way to the final match of the night where he faced off against Virgin Butterhole, who had won the tournament just one week ago at Frank’s. Virgin Butterhole had been playing very well in the last half of the season, accumulating two tournament victories already, and making it to the finals at least one other time. Hand Turkey on the other hand was having the best night of his season on Tuesday and was hoping to turn it into his first win of the year. Unfortunately for Hand Turkey, there weren’t enough luchador masks in the world to help him beat Virgin Butterhole and she walked away with another tournament victory, bringing her to three this season, and eight more points for her total.

Street RPS was a bit more exciting and brought us something that we haven’t seen much this season, which was someone winning Street who had never before won Street in their career. Despite having won Rookie of the Year last season and coming in second place in total points (which she almost won on the last night of the season) The Crazy Cat Lady had been able to accomplish all of this without ever winning a Street RPS Tournament (Impressive). Not only was she able to pull it on on Tuesday night, but she did it in an exciting manner, as she and Frankie Thirteen played for it all in a stack for stack Street Championship Full Hustle Match. The original turn in amounts were 100 Street Bucks for The Crazy Cat Lady and 145 Street Bucks for Frankie Thirteen. The Cat Lady would walk away with the total sum of 245 after defeating Frankie Thirteen in a Full Hustle match by a score of 10 to 7.

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