Virgin Butterhole Pops Season Cherry With Victory At Murphs!

After having not so great of a week to close out the first half of the season the members of My Team Wins looked to Monday night at Murphs Bar as a chance to get themselves back on course. Came into the week only four points ahead of both The Package and The Rangers for total team points. This is the slimmest margin that My Team Wins has held in the catagory since they began their team reign four seasons ago. Once we made it to the final game of the night it looked as though they would be adding to their lead with both championship players coming from their roster.

Gravity Waves Rock (formally Palpable Stripper Love (formally Quantum Pussy (formally Stinky Pussy (formally Bon Jovi)))) faced off against his teammte, Virgin Butterhole, in the final game of the night. Many in the crowd assumed this would be a lopsided blowout with Virgin Butterhole destroying her teammate/opponent, but it didn’t quite go that way. She did take a quick two match to nothing lead, but Gravity Waves Rock answered right back, forcing a fifth and deciding set that came down to one final throw. In the end the predicted winner was in fact correct althoughit wasn’t quite the slaughter that was expected and Virgin Butterhole earned herself eight points on her season total.

Street RPS was very close on Monday night with only ten Streetbucks separating the two largest stacks. When asked if they would like to play for the total sum of their turn ins neither player w as willing to take the risk. This is a fairly common outcome in Stredt RPS, but there have been recent predictions made that indicate that “sticking with it” may become a thing of the past. For this night though this tactic worked out for Big Daddy Streetbucks who won the prize by a score of 120 to 110.

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