2016 End of Season Prizes and Rules

2016 End of Season Prizes

In order to enter the 2016 Championship Event and be eligible to with the $1000 Grand Prize, players must compete in a minimum of 5 tournaments throughout the 2016 season.
In addition to the $1000 awarded to the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion (winner of the PBRPRPSCLCS Championship Invitational tournament on June 11th), $250 Awarded to the runner-up and $50 to the third place finisher, the following prizes will be awarded at the end of the 2016 regular season:

2016 Most Total Season Points – $100

The competitor that accumulates the most points during the 2016 season

*note – In the event of a tie, the prize will be awarded to the competitor with the most points scored in the fewest events played

2016 Season Street RPS Champ – $100

The competitor that turns in the most Street RPS money during the regular season. Money will be counted nightly and these standings will be updated weekly along with the season point totals.

2016 Rookie of the Year – $100

Any competitor new to the PBRPRPSCLCS for the 2016 season is eligible for this prize (i.e. has never scored a point in their career prior to 2016). This will be awarded to the newcomer who scores the most individual points at the end of the season of all the rookie players.

*note – In the event of a tie, the award will be given to the competitor with the most points scored and fewest events played

2016 Team Prize – $250

Team Prize Rules:

Individual players must be officially registered with the PBRPRPSCLCS as a member of an officially recognized team. This can be done via e-mail with Team Prize Coordinator Richard Classy or on-site with the official in charge at any PBRPRPSCLCS event. You will be eligible to contribute to the accumulation of team points at the next event you attend after registration. This probationary period is to promote fairness and avoid the adding of random competitors by certain disreputable teams in an attempt to fill out the maximum team competitors at a single event.

Officially recognized teams as of 4/18/2016:

Axis of Awesome

Bikes Are For Jerk*ffs

Blackout Motherf*ckers

Blacksmith’s Apron (currently inactive)

Chums of Chutney (formerly Foes of Strawbanus)


Cunning Linguists

David Bowie’s Package

Dirty Dozen

Dutch Army (currently inactive)

Feed the Pony

The Foreigners

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Heart Cutters

Hoth Stuff

Majestic 12

The Mason Order

Megan’s Law (currently inactive)

The Paper Cut Posse (formerly Spicy Brown)

Real Name Brigade (currently inactive)

Rockturnal Emissions (reformed members of RPS Speedwagon)

RPS Speedwagon (disbanded)


South Philadelphia Leisure Sports And Social Club

Swiss Army (currently inactive)

Forming a New Team:

Competitors wishing to form a new team must submit a new team registration request to Team Formation Administration Team Leader Richard Classy. This action may be taken via e-mail to richard.classy(at)rpscityleague(dot)com.

Team Membership Limits:

There is no limit to the amount of players that can be active members of an officially recognized team.

You must have a minimum of 2 players to be considered a team.

Minimum Tournament Requirements:

Any competitor wishing to compete as part of a team and have their points count toward that teams’ total at the end of the season must attend a minimum of 4 events. If this minimum is not reached, the points that player contributed will be subtracted from the team total upon the completion of the regular season. If team points are removed due to this reason, the lost points are not allowed to be replaced with other team members’ points from previous events. Once a team total is scored at an individual event and officially recognized by the PBRPRPSCLCS, there can be no change in that score save for disciplinary subtraction. Again, this is to promote fairness and avoid the underhandedness of certain teams in the interest of fair play.

Team Scoring:

While there is no limit to the number of players allowed on an active team, there is a limit to the number of players whose points will be credited toward the team season totals at a single PBRPRPSCLCS event. While all members present will be eligible, only the top 4 finishers from each team at any one event will have those points credited toward the team season totals. NOTE: All competitors will still be awarded individual points based on performance.


Master Roshambollah, Custardchuk, Master Pete Lovering, C. Urbanus, Martin Burley and Beautiful Johnny all attend an event and are registered on the same team.

Martin Burley and Beautiful Johnny lose in the 1st round and each are awarded 1 point.

Custardchuk and Master Pete lose in the 2nd round and are each awarded 2 points.

C. Urbanus defeats Master Roshambollah in the finals (in a blowout match). Master Roshambollah is awarded 6 points and C. Urbanus is awarded 8 points.

In this situation, Martin Burley and Beautiful Johnny will be awarded their individual points, but their total will not be added to the teams’ season total. Instead, the total points of the top 4 finishers (2+2+6+8) will be added and the team will be awarded 18 total points on the night towards their team total on the season. Individual players on the team also receive the points earned for their individual rankings.

Joining a Team Mid-Season / Switching Teams / Leaving Team Play:

Players will be allowed to join or switch teams throughout the season. However, points earned while representing a team stay with the team you were part of at the event in question. On the flip side of this, if you were not a member of a team and join, the points accumulated while playing on a team-free basis will not be added to the team totals for the season.


Mr. Strawberry has earned 36 points toward the season totals for team Feed the Pony. Mr. Strawberry decides he would rather compete under the flag of the Foes of Strawbanus. Feed the Pony retains the 36 points that Mr. Strawberry had previously contributed to the team total. Mr. Strawberry will be eligible to add to the Foes of Strawbanus season total at the next event he attends.

Leaving a team to compete on an individual basis is allowed. However, you must have been a member of the team in question for at least 4 weeks of competition and have attended a minimum of 3 events in that time for your points earned on their behalf to remain credited to your former team.

Final Calculations:

The Team prize will be awarded based on the standings at the conclusion of the last regular season event, on June 9th at Boyler Room.

Team standings, much like individual standings, will be updated regularly and available for viewing on the web site.

Challenging Point Eligibility / Team Discipline:

Any issues regarding the removal of points from team totals and / or the eligibility of points to remain with any given team in which the adherence to the rules above are questionable or any other matter in question regarding the scoring for the team points prize will be heard and ruled upon by PBRPRPSCLCS General Counsel, Richard Classy. Any decision rendered by this process shall be final and unable to be appealed.