City League Scoring

2016 Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia RPS City League Championship Series Player Scoring System

All competitors who participate in the 2016 Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series will be awarded points towards their season totals at every event that they attend. The top 64 competitors in terms of points accrued at the end of the season* will be invited to compete for the title of Pabst Blue Ribbon RPS City League Champion and $1,000 prize.

Points earned are determined by how a competitor places in individual events. All competitors will receive 1 point just for competing, with points increasing based on the strength of their play at any individual event. There is no limit to the individual events a competitor can compete in. The more one plays, the better the chance of qualifying for the PBR Philadelphia RPS City League Championship.

In addition to the scoring procedures below, nightly Street RPS winners will be awarded an additional 2 points toward their total for the night.

Competitor point totals will be tracked and updated weekly on the Player Rankings page.

Qualifying event point totals break down as follows:

All competitors 1 point

Round of 16 qualifier 2 points

Round of 8 qualifier 3 points

Round of 4 qualifier 4 points

2nd place finisher 6 points

Event Champion 8 points

Note: these points are NOT cumulative. A nightly winner will receive 8 points total, not an accumulation of points for all rounds through which they advance.

*Competitors must meet the minimum tournament requirement of 5 events per season to be invited to to compete at the City League Championship.