Virgin Butterhole Greases The Competition At Dirty Franks!

Week Seven started off a day late this year as we took our traditional Memorial Day break. The shortened week meant that Dirty Franks would be the venue to kick things off as we get one week closer to the Championship Tournament. This night would see the return of Dick Nasty, who came out of retirement when he heard that new rules had to be created for the league after “someone” had been... read more

Mr. Is Stands Tall On The Back Of David Bowies Package At El Bar!

Week Six of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS came to a close on Thursday night at El Bar and with just seven more tournaments after this one the window to qualify for the $1000 Championship Tournament is slowly closing. This is something that at least Milpool is very aware of as he made sure to make an appearance to push himself closer to that qualifying point and perhaps some others should be following his lead. In... read more

Sassy Hollywood Almost Gets Daily Double At Raven Lounge In Week Six!

It got exciting in week six at Raven Lounge on Wednesday night. If there has been a running theme for the last couple of weeks its been close calls, but missed opportunities in the area of the Daily Double. Panty Bandit had two chances at it last week and T-T-T-Today Junior almost landed one himself on Monday night. Alas, there hasn’t been anyone able to pull it off so far this season and its... read more

T-T-T-Today Junior Scores First In Season Win at M-M-M-Murphs Bar In Week Six!

The crowd was as excited as ever on Monday night as we kicked off week six of the season at Murphs Bar in Fishtown. Party hats were a plenty as the competitors celebrated the birthday of Hipster Thrifter, who has already won twice this season at Murphs. She was hoping to make it three times this season, which would have been a great way for her to celebrate, but the birthday drinks might have been too... read more

Texas Chainstore Manager Opens For Business At El Bar!

We closed out the fifth week of the 2016 season and after some unforeseen issues with our original Thursday night venue we returned to El Bar for the first time since the 2012 season. The bar was as familiar as ever and the backyard was packed on a beautiful May night. Some new players decided to try their hands at competitive rock paper scissors and even more were interested to watch the games. There was... read more
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