Uncreative Moses Comes Out Of Retirement To Retire The Competition At Raven Lounge!

Week five has been a pretty good one for My Team Wins with an all team final match and Street RPS victory on Monday as well as another Street RPS win on Tuesday with a member making it all the way to the final tournament game. Wednesday at Raven Lounge would also prove to be pretty good for the team who has won season total for the last three years. Just like Monday night the final match up would consist... read more

Virgin Butterhole Pops Season Cherry With Victory At Murphs!

After having not so great of a week to close out the first half of the season the members of My Team Wins looked to Monday night at Murphs Bar as a chance to get themselves back on course. Came into the week only four points ahead of both The Package and The Rangers for total team points. This is the slimmest margin that My Team Wins has held in the catagory since they began their team reign four seasons... read more

dOGulas Tells Real Whyte Ranger To Take A Time Out At Dirty Franks!

If there has been one theme to the fourth week of the 2016 Rock Paper Scissors Season its that David Bowies Package has really started to lose at the one thing that love to do… lose. On Monday night it was Hipster Thrifter beating her teammate, Zombie Llama, in the final game. On Tuesday we saw the rise of Pants McGee claiming her first career tournament victory and raking up points for DBP. The one... read more

Big News As #TeamRealWhyteRanger Gets First Career Win At Raven!

Things at Raven Lounge are usually a bit rowdy and a lot of fun and it was escalated to the next level in week four when we got a special visit from the local CBS news team who came out to check on all the hot Rock Paper Scissors action. They got some great footage too with some memorable performances from dOGulas, Chicken Thief, and an epic rematch between Frankie Thirteen and #TeamRealWhyteRanger.... read more

Hipster Thrifter Finds Victory Against Her Own Team For Second Time At Murphs!

Week four started off very similar to week two. That is to say that it was a great night at Murphs Bar for David Bowies Package. Three of the final five competitors (yeah we’re know that’s a weird number) came from the team and when we shaved that down to just two players it was an all DBP final game. Hipster Thrifter, who won here two weeks ago after defeating her teammate dOGulas, would this... read more
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