Sister Kathleen Wins September Showdown!

After a long two weeks of not posting the results of one event, the CL inbox has filled up with accusations of laziness and poor customer service when these e-mails (and subsequent ones) were ignored. Prior to this outrage, Sister Kathleen (above) defeated Zombie Llama to claim the crown of PBRPRPSCLCSSS champ at the Dive on September 19th.  After the venue was issued a noise complaint (mostly due to the... read more

Killdozer rules! RPS is a close second!

Dude.  Was this awesome or what.  Killdozer, who hasn’t played together in 9 years, got back together for the Touch N Go 25th anniversary in Chicago last week. Here’s a clip off uTube.  If you look close, you may see the PBRPRPSCLCS delegation that headed out to see them.  And only them.  And it was totally worth... read more

RPS this Tuesday at the Dive!

That’s right, it’s been a whole month (more or less) since El Toro Papaya took home the PBRPRPSCLCSAIWCWU crown.  So even though it’s pretty short notice, this coming Tuesday (Sept. 19) will be the Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series September Showdown.  The PBRPRPSCLCSSS will take place at The Dive (947 E. Passyunk), which you’ll... read more

Updated! Tournament in Baltimore Friday!

Exciting news just came across the desk of the the City League fax machine.  There will be a tournament in Baltimore at the Fells Point Oyster Festival this coming Friday.  Grand prize is $1,000.  There aren’t many details other than that at the moment.  One of the CL interns (Josh) is working hard on getting more details and we’ll post them as soon as we have them. Here’s... read more

El Toro Papaya Wins PBRPRPSCLCSAIWCWU, Thanks Chinatown Express

The first event of the City League off-season training program was held last night at Whiskey Dix Saloon.  There were veteran players as well as some new faces who may, in time, develop into some of the best players in the city (they did show promise).  Curiously missing from action was City League Champion Johnny Goodtimes, whose mere mention was roundly booed throughout the night.  It was... read more
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