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Not a Bad Article Despite Urbanus Being Barely Mentioned

The Naughty American published this article before the World Championships.  It’s a pretty good read, especially if you came out of the interview for this thinking “that was possibly the worst interview I have ever... read more

Philadelphia Returns Empty Handed From Toronto

Quick update with more to come in the next few days regarding the World RPS Championships in Toronto. 12 players from Philadelphia headed up to bring the title home, and they went 0 for 12 in this attempt.  Urbanus placed the best (surprise, surprise), advancing to the round of 32 (out of 512 competitors) before being eliminated (just barely) nearly making it to the final 16 two out of three years... read more

Great Article

A great article on the Saint, who is currently ranked #2 in the World as we all prepare for the World Championships in less than 3 weeks.  You may recognize the Saint as having served as a ref at the past two Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia RPS City League Championships. Get you tickets for the World Champs at World RPS.  Of course, you could always use a little warm-up (and travel money) at the 3rd... read more

Vertical Paper Issues Statement on Behalf of the Majestic 12!

Currently third ranked player in the World (and local celebrity) Vertical Paper  has issued the following statement regarding the World Championships in Toronto to take place on October 13th. Greetings fellow Rock/Paper/Scissors enthusiasts, this is the Majestic 12’s “Vertical Paper”. As you know, I brought home the bronze medal last year at the World Rock/Paper/Scissors Championship.... read more

World RPS Society Releases 2007 Trading Cards! 2 Philadelphia Players Featured!

Congratulations to players Vertical Paper (above – ranked #3 in the world) and PJ Rhymeswithsausage who were picked by the World RPS Society to appear on the 2007 trading card series.  Being chosen for the trading cards is quite an honor and only goes to those in the sport who are truly deserving. If you want a chance at your own trading card next year, as well as to try and win the 2007... read more
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