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Univega Shocks Urbanus (and the World) at Atlantis!

PBRPRPSCLCS Executive Director C. Urbanus shocked everyone by getting into the competition field at Atlantis on Sunday.  To no one’s surprise, he advanced to the Finals where he met up with a streaking Univega.  While sharing announcing and competition duties, Urbanus went down two matches to zero with Univega a point away from claiming the Championship.  Urbanus (widely recognized as the... read more

Mr. Strawberry Takes Special K at Atlantis!

Mr. Strawberry took out Special K at Atlantis on Sunday in a blowout 3-0 Championship match that left the Foes of Strawberry (as well as Special K herself) seething.  Said FoS member Master Fister “It’s bad enough that this hack won, but it also means that it’s still pretty much all dudes when I look at my favorite website.  What happened to the female competitors around here... read more

Dance Rock Saskatchewan Does Victory (Rock) Dance at Atlantis!

Dance Rock Saskatchewan took home the title at Atlantis on Sunday, defeating all those who dared show up to take him on for the title.  He marched easily to finals and said that “I was so on my game tonight, it was like the competition was nonexistent.  I don’t even remember anyone coming close to defeating me”. This was also the first PBRPRPSCLCS event refereed by someone other... read more

El Toro Papaya takes the Early Lead for the #1 seed!

El Toro Papaya took the early lead at this early point in the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS by winning both the Sunday night event at Atlantis as well as the street RPS portion of the event.  That adds another 10 points to his season totals, bringing him to 17.  El Toro was seeded 4th last year, but already has accumulated over 1/3 of the points he did last year in 3 events with vastly improved play and strategy... read more

Scissors Blizzard Wins MJ-12 Showdown!

The Scissors Blizzard walked away with the first championship of the year at Atlantis/The Lost Bar on Sunday.  He defeated Majestic 12 teammate The Fighting Mongooses by a count of 3 sets to 0.  Blowout city.  TFM actually held the initial advantage in round one until the referee made note of the fact he, unlike Scissors Blizzard, had never won a nightly event.  TFM then cracked under the... read more