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C. Urbanus Performs At Hall Of Fame Level With Win At Connies Ric Rac!

Week 6 ended with quite a showing from long time RPS icon, C. Urbanus. Having competed in many international tournaments, including many World Championships, and being honored in the RPS Hall of Fame in Norway (as shown in his photo), C. Urbanus has a way of intimidating opponents in a way that not many can claim. Urbanus clearly took advantage of this factor as he progressed his way through the... read more

Hotdog Jiggle Scores Second Win Of The Season! Ties Teammate For Rookie Of The Year Lead!

The Mason Order has been having quite the season for a team made up of exclusively rookie players. They have won 5 tournaments already this season and all were done by different members of the team. With that kind of a track record it was only a matter of time before someone had a repeat victory. After making his way to the finals on Tuesday and losing to his teammate (Fat Cheeseballs) The Hotdog Jiggle... read more

Big Booty Judy Victorious As Blackouts Sweep The Night!

It’s been a very exciting season so far. We’ve seen many new players and even had a number of the events sell out of street dollars (people love their Pabst Blue Ribbon). Week 2 came to an end on Thursday night and it was a very strong finish for The Blackout Motherf*ckers. They came into the second week of the season already establishing themselves as total team points leaders and looked to... read more

The Chicken Thief Steals Another Victory For The Mason Order At Connies Ric Rac!

It’s been a one sided story so far this season as rookie players had gotten the best of the veterans in the first three tournaments of the season. There has never been a full week in a season where long time players have not won a single tournament and The Blackout Motherf*ckers turned out big to try to spoil the last event of the week for the new players. Although no Blackouts made it to the final... read more

The Rookies are Looking Good to Close out February at the Ric Rac!

The player field was a full 1/4 rookie players for the final February tournament at the Ric Rac.   After making his way through some veteran players, Suddenly Scissors found himself in the championship match against Natty Bumpo. It came down to the final match as the players split the first 4 matches at 2 a piece. Suddenly Scissors played a convincing 5th match scoring two consecutive points to... read more
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