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Virgin Butterhole Doesn’t Give It Up at Dirty Franks!

It was, as it is every Tuesday, a happening night at Dirty Franks.  The anonymous entry fee donor (who historically appears once a year) decided for Tuesday to be the night so everyone saved a $1.  Which, as many in the crowd agreed, was a great way to start a night of RPS. The RPS action was as good as ever and Team UK 2 even made an appearance (some will remember the original Team UK from the 2003... read more

Toilet Paper Flusher Sends Everyone Down the Drain at Dirty Franks!

Week 5 at Dirty Franks was a largely veteran crowd, which is kind of a change of pace from the usual Dirty Franks tournament, where new players don’t mind jumping right in to the competition (perhaps due to the lack of a stage).  And while it is true that new players are tomorrow’s veteran players, the lack of red cards and new teams leaving mid-competition (ahem, Team Josef) was quite nice... read more

Pants McGee Scores First Tournament Victory in Week 4 at Dirty Franks!

week 4 of the 2016 PBRPRPSCLCS started off well for David Bowie’s Package with a win at Murph’s, and it didn’t get any worse for them on Tuesday at Dirty Franks.  There were a lot of rookies mixing things up with the veterans, including a rather large Team Josef, who made it through part of Round 1 but after the first four players lost, the other members decided that the rest of them... read more

B-Pac Gets Win #1 in Week #3 at Dirty Franks!

Week 3 at Dirty Franks was everyone’s favorite kind of tournament – a tournament with no byes!  Well, it would have been no byes except Sally Scissors had to graciously decline her chance to play since the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jim Beam needed to be served without interruption. The night had a little bit of everything, a new player with an entourage, some strong play by some veteran players,... read more

Quantum Pussy Causes a Stink at Dirty Franks!

The rain may have dampened the streets but not the spirits of Philadelphia’s RPS pros, although it did seem to slow a bunch of them down which got things off to a late start in week 7 at Dirty Franks.  But once things got started they really got started.  There was a weird play-in series which was supposed to just be one match until two more people signed up, Von Damonator missed a Dirty Franks... read more
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