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Bean Takes the Cake at Jager’s!

Bean (Above, with a copy of the Official RPS Strategy Guide by Doug and Graham Walker) sprouted her way to a victory at the last event at Jager’s of the 2007 season.  She took down Get Your Rocks Off in the Championship match.  Bean used her patented nonchalant close to the body prime to easily clinch her spot in the 2007 City League Championship.  Bean added “I just hope I... read more

Maynard G. Tibbinsbottom says “What’s All This Then?” at Jager’s!

Maynard G. Tibbinsbottom (file photo above due to camera malfunction) applied the tibbins to both the top and the bottom of all other competitors this week at Jager’s.  He beat the Pacifist in the final round in a loss in front of a large crowd that the Pacifist called “shocking”.  MGT meanwhile, commented that “Even though I can’t make the Championship, the players... read more

There’s a (Rock) Doctor is in the House at Jager’s!

There was a full turnout for Strawberry Appreciation Day at Jager’s on Wednesday.  El Toro Papaya showed how much he appreciated Mr. Strawberry by first baking a cake and then knocking the man of the night out in the second round.  El Toro made it to the finals again but there he met up with Feed the Pony teammate the Rock Doctor.  It came down to the last throw in the fifth match, but... read more

Strawberry Appreciation Day Tonight!

Archrival teams The Foes of Strawberry and Feed the Pony are (for some reason) teaming up tonight to celebrate one of the most celebrated (not C. Urbanus) players in Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors history…Mr. Strawberry (above)!  Mr. Strawberry Appreciation Day (for some reason) will be tonight at the event at Jager’s.  There will be a strawberry cake that will feed up to 32... read more

Scissor Sister Cuts Down the Pacifist at Jager’s!

Scissor Sister came out from behind the bar at Jager’s to knock off the rest of the competition field at Jager’s.  She defeated the Pacifist in the finals, in a championship match that camed down to the last throw in the last set (we’ve seen a lot of those lately).  The bitter RPS players in the crowd still tipped well, proving once again that RPS is a gentleman’s (and... read more
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