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Le Tigre Wins Lone Strawberry Appreciation Day of 2008 Season!

Le Tigre, team captain of the Paper Cut Posse, won his 2nd tournament of the 2008 Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League season at the final 2008 event at the Khyber.  He once again defeated reigning City League Champ Baconshark in the finals but instead of winning on the last throw of the last set like last time, this one was a 3-0 match win that Le Tigre said... read more

No RPS at the Khyber Tonight!

Go enjoy the weather and go to Skinners on Wednesday to play some RPS instead. Or Dirty Franks on Tuesday. Or the Dive on Wednesday. Or all 3! There’s only 2 weeks of competition left. read more

Loomer Sets New Season Record at the Khyber!

Loomer (above, eating hoag and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon), of the Majestic 12, set the record for tournament wins in a season by claiming his 4th win so far in 2008.  The former record was 3, held by both Female Ninja Whore and Dance Rock Saskatchewan.  He defeating reigning City League Champ Baconshark in the finals in a nail-biter of a match that ended on the final throw of a 5 match set when... read more

Foe of Strawbanus Triumphs over Sausage From David Bowie’s Package at the Khyber!

Once, Twice Three Times a Paper (far left) of the Foes of Strawbanus (above – roughing up Mr. Strawberry) got what his teammate termed “his one victory of the season” [note - that's one more victory than the rest of the FoS team combined this season] last night at the Khyber.  Once Twice Three Times a Paper had previously only ever defeated reigning Champion Baconshark in his... read more

Feed the Pony Sweep at the Khyber!

It was like old times (or, well, maybe more like 2007) as Team Feed the Pony swept the competition at the Khyber. El Toro Papaya (above, wearing Next American City prize t-shirt) was on a cold streak so far this season as he prepared for a half-marathon (which does not include Pabst Blue Ribbon).  With that in the books as of this past weekend, El Toro returned to his usual Rock Paper Scissors training... read more
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