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T-T-T-Today Junior Scores First In Season Win at M-M-M-Murphs Bar In Week Six!

The crowd was as excited as ever on Monday night as we kicked off week six of the season at Murphs Bar in Fishtown. Party hats were a plenty as the competitors celebrated the birthday of Hipster Thrifter, who has already won twice this season at Murphs. She was hoping to make it three times this season, which would have been a great way for her to celebrate, but the birthday drinks might have been too... read more

dOGulas Kicks Off The Season With A Victory As Rocturnal Emissions Makes Their Opening Statement!

The 2014 Season kicked off Monday Night in spectacular fashion as the PBRPRPSCLCS headed to Murph’s Bar for the first time ever. Opening night saw a slew of changes in team dynamics as some old teams returned with new members and other players broke off to start new teams of their own. Sir Faust made an exit from Rocturnal Emissions to form his own team, Scissoring Bobcat Consortium, ending a 4 year... read more