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Parchment Funkadelic Gets Up For the Down Stroke at Dirty Franks in November!

November saw RPS return to Dirty Franks for the first time since September! It was a fun and a little bit sad night of RPS, as it marked the final tournament for veteran B-Pac (who lost in the 1st round), until he decides that living in the middle of New York state is no good and returns to Philadelphia.  But that’s probably still a way off.  Until then, the Philly RPS scene will miss him. The... read more

RPS Speedwagon Sweeps at New Mako’s in October!

After a long time of asking about it, Mako’s finally got a RPS tournament.  Then the week before they moved across the street to where Blarney South was/still is.  Some veteran players of the 2006 season may remember this as the place a certain Australian RPS player was flagged in the aftermath of the Brazil-Aussie World Cup match when the player ordered a beer after taking off their shoes and... read more

There’s Going To Be Tournament Updates Soon! There’s Also Going To Be A Tournament Soon!

As happens pretty much every fall, the PBRPRPSCLCS internet tournament update task force has slacked off posting the results of the past few tournaments.  Those responsible have been suspended for neglecting their duties, and have just returned from suspension so they can get back to work on those updates they never posted.  So stay tuned! But in the meantime rest assured that people did win... read more

Ultimate Bad Guy Unveils New Strategy and Chalks Up First Win of Her Career in September!

RPS came back to good old Dirty Franks in September and a nice sized competitor field of 29 players welcomed the challenge, included the well-named Tommy Hill Finginjer.  But in the end it came down to a few relatively old heads on the Philly RPS circuit when the finals matched up The Neutral Finger with The Ultimate Bad Guy.  The Ultimate Bad Guy was pumped that she got matched up against The... read more

Postponed Tounament Rescheduled for Thursday 8/4 at Ray’s!

The tournament that was canceled last week (the first one the PBRPRPSCLCS has ever had to cancel on account of illness) will be held on Thursday, August 4th.  All the details remain the same. Signups start at 8:30 and competition around 9:15.  $3 to... read more
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