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BigHeadSam Writes Her Own Story At Raven Lounge!

The 2014 PBRPRPSCLCS Season continued Wednesday night at Raven Lounge and the opening week excitement did not wane. We got to see the first costume offering by dOGulas (a Cobra Commander mask) and the return of B-Pac, who made his first in season tournament appearance since way back in 2011. We also had some special guests with us to film some of our tournament and write an article about the League. Some... read more

C. Urbanus Eludes Paparazzi After Big Off-Season Victory At Raven Lounge!

With the 2013 Championships in the books we headed into July and looked toward the Off-season. Sometimes referred to as the Spring Training for RPS players, competitors have time to work on there strategies after having just gone through the grueling regular season. The first test of the off-season came on July 24th when we headed to The Raven Lounge for the first summer tournament. You could see the... read more

Hambone Looks To Prove He Is The Best Pound For Pound Player This Year!

This season has been a tale of two Hambones. The first half of the season didn’t seem to be going very well for the 2009 Rookie of the Year, but it seems that he truly found his stride around the mid point of the 2013 PBRPRPSCLCS. He started his hot streak with a win at Raven Lounge way back in week 3. He never fully went into a slump after that. Instead, he played a consistent game which rarely saw... read more

Rock Hard Crushes The Competition At Raven Lounge!

Rock Hard has had a fairly rough go around so far this season. After winning more in-season tournaments last season then any other player (four 2012 season victories), he still hadn’t managed to find is way to a championship match in 2013. That would all change on Wednesday night at Raven Lounge as he defeated his teammate, Dr. Dre, in the final four to advance into his first finals of 2013.... read more

Sir Faust Taps Out Victory! Rookie Streak Ends At Raven Lounge.

With six tournaments in the books there have been six rookie champions. Most notable is that rookie team Mason Order have three of the six, all by different members. Wednesday night at Raven Lounge the odds would once again be stacked against the veterans. As we entered the final four there would be three players new this season and only one seasoned player. The Chicken Thief eliminated Toilet Paper and... read more
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